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New features as of December 3, 2021


  On site music. Platinum Members will now have a media player guilt in to the website as well as a playlist where they can pick from the mashups and other music uploaded to the website.

 Instant messenger. Copper Members and higher now have access to an instant messenger service that is built into the website. For some reason, the chat window tends to want to hide by dropping a little too low in the browser. If this happens to you, simply make your browser window smaller, then blow it back up to full size, and the messenger should be visible.

 Premium Memberships. For a very small fee, you can sign up for a premium membership, which will unlock new features and privileges on the website. For more information, you can find the board containing information on this feature, and/ or click the link at the top of the website.

 Snowflakes! Yea... they're just fucking snowflakes. If you don't like them, you can turn them off in your profile.


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